Meet Our New President Of India; Ramnath Kovind


President Election of India is complete. Candidate of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) headed by Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Ramnath Kovind has defeated Meira Kumar, the candidate of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) headed by Congress.  Kovind got 7,02,044 votes & Meira Kumar got 3,67,314 which is a huge difference. Vote percentage of kovind is 65.65% where as vote percentage of Meira Kumar is 34.35%.


Ramnath Kovind

Since Ramnath Kovind from Kanpur district of U.P has become the 14th president of India, there is a wave of joy in the whole district, and why not even Kovind has a deep connection with the Kanpur city.

Kovind started his political life from Kanpur, but there is a truth that can not be denied. You will be shocked to know such a fact. And the truth is that President of India Ramnath Kovind has never got the chance to represent the public by winning the election.

Ramnath Kovind

Ramnath Kovind Firstly contested on the ticket of Bhartiya Janta Party in the 1990’s from Ghatampur Lok Sabha constituency. Ramnath worked hard to win the elections and tried to get close to the general public, but when the election result came, he had to face defeat.

In spite of this defeat, the Bharatiya Janta Party again believed in him and in 2007, he was contesting from Bhoganipur constituency of Kanpur and actively contested the election to save the respect of the Party, but when the result of the election came, it was very startling because once again his fate had betrayed him and he had to face defeat.

Ramnath Kovind

Know about Ramnath Kovind

Following is the information about his life, family, education, career etc.

Born & Family

Ramnath Kovind was born on 1 October 1945 in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh in a Dalit family belonging to Koli caste. His father was a farmer.

Education Of Ramnath Kovind

After his basic education, he completed his bachelor’s degree in commerce & LLB from Kanpur University. He attempted for civil services examination & succeeded at 3rd attempt, but he did not join because he was selected for an allied service instead of IAS.

Ramnath Kovind


After civil services examinations, he started the practice of law & served as central government advocate in Delhi high court from 1977 to 1979. After that, he served as Central government standing counsel in supreme court from 1980 to 1993.

He became on record advocate of the supreme court in 1978.  His total practice period in Delhi high court & Supreme Court was 16 years till 1993.

Political Career of Ramnath Kovind

Joined BJP

Kovind joined BJP in 1993 & became president of BJP Dalit Morcha between 1998 & 2002. He also became president of All India Koli Samaj.



As mentioned above Ramnath Kovind contested from Ghatampur & Bhognipur Constituencies of Uttar Pradesh Respectively & lost both elections.

Ramnath Kovind

Rajyasabha Member

After losing the first election from Ghatampur in 1990 Ramnath became Rajya Sabha Member from Uttar Pradesh in 1994. As Rajya Sabha Member he served for two consecutive terms i.e twelve years till 2006.

Governor of Bihar

Ramnath Kovind was appointed as governor of Bihar by President of India on 8 August 2015. He became the 36th governor of Bihar.  But after nomination for the President of India Election, he resigned from his post of governor.

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